Wednesday, October 1, 2014

MCK-Y "Picture Frame" Test (Lego Mouse Droid)

Some video (it's not that exciting, and the YouTube channel isn't pretty yet). But the chassis works and drives! least until the wheels fall off.

It sort of needs an RC chassis (it's a bit much for Lego Mindstorms, though it could probably be done, but we'd have sound and other problems that rule out Mindstorms).

To try to keep it looking Lego, we mounted Lego wheels onto the RC axles, by printing hubs. The printed hubs also get the right widths. Unfortunately our pins aren't secure enough. We know how to fix that (different pins, and maybe Kragle), but for the moment it's odd.

Had a fit with the electronics. They're being hyper, but I overcame the last hurdle, so now it's just a matter of shoving them on the board.

Supposed to get to Brickcon on Friday....  Hmmm....

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