Sunday, October 4, 2015

Having Fun at BrickCon 2015!

L3-G0 and I went to BrickCon again this year.  (Ok, I've been bad and not posted about others).  I thought I'd share a few pix.

That Artoo Unit keeps trying to shove me out of the picture!
I went out to entertain the crowd a bit outside the hall in Seattle.  Here I'm showing off my off-road skills by walking on water!  Let's see L3-G0 do that!
Lego Mouse Droid in a Water Fountain
Unfortunately I got a bit excited trying to run away from that toddler that looked like they wanted to eat me.... or maybe just hug me... and encountered a brick wall.

Is that what they mean by "Brick" Con?
I had to take a break after a bit and relax away from the crowds.  Here I am with a local landmark.
MCK-Y the Lego Mouse Droid in from of Seattle Space Needle
My cohort also won an award.  "People's Choice" they say.  Why do they always pick the Astromech?  Why not the smaller bots that are the workhorses of the galaxy?  Anyway, congratulations L3-G0!

L3-G0 showing off his trophy like a wise guy.