Sunday, July 31, 2016

Celebration London!

Kind of like the Internet Way-Back Machine!  We've been a little remiss in keeping MCK-Y's blog up-to date, so here's a post from Star Wars Celebration London last summer (2016 - ok, we've been ***way*** behind in posting!).

I flew to London in steerage - ok, I was shoved into a big shopping bag and dumped in the overhead bin, whereupon huge carry-ons were shoved in my face!  I really wish that guy had checked his dirty clothes!

Once there, we had tons of fun with all the other Star Wars fans at the Excel Centre (they spell funny in London).  Fortunately, my hotel was right there, so it was an easy walk drive to the exhibit halls.

Out in the sunlight

As is typical for Star Wars Celebration, the fans had gone all-out!

501st and Droids by T.I.E. Fighter
The sandpeople make me a bit nervous though
Tuskan Raider lying down on the Job
Meeting the UK Builder's Club and other European Builders was really cool though! Did you know that Lee & Oliver got to build a replica of me for the latest movies? (Ok, maybe they thought they were building a replica of something else, but we all know it was me they were really trying to copy, right?) I found out that Oliver even used Lego on one of the new movie droids!
Celebration Europ Day III 2016-07-17 129 Stitch